Over the past three decades, IMSOLUCKI has had an extensive range of musical influences picked up over the years. Born in New York, the grandson of an Italian coalminer, Imsolucki began playing drums at age eleven. Back in the early 1960's, the Beatles, Rolling Stones and various R&B Artists such as James Brown, Sam Cooke and Al Green were early role models. Hitchhiking across the country in 1972, Imsolucki found himself in San Francisco. As the Drummer, Imsolucki performed with several San Francisco groups in the 1970's and 1980's such as The Looters, The Symptoms, No Sisters, The Barry Beam Band, The Shoppers and Zazu Pitts Memorial Orchestra, just to name a few. During the next two decades, Imsolucki toured extensively throughout the U.S. A one night stand in June of 1981 with Hank Ballard and The Midnighters was a high point in Imsolucki's musical career. Ballard, the Granddaddy of Rock 'n Roll, with such Hits as "The Twist" and "Work With Me Annie," proved to Imsolucki that you still can Rock well into your Golden Years!! In 1984, Imsolucki, along with The Looters, was personally invited by President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua to play for the Sandinista Liberation Front, where they performed four concerts in front of audiences over 120,000. A Lifelong Dream of a State-of-the-Art Recording Studio came to light after Imsolucki was hit by a car in 2002. This allowed him to build his digital recording studio and spend time working on his various musical projects. "Smells Like Mom's Meatballs" is his second CD to be produced in the past 2 years. Would Love to Hear From You... Thanks for Listening!!